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Rossella Inglese

Paestum, Italy, 1989

Born in Paestum in 1989, she is a director, screenwriter and editor. Her films focus on female characters grappling with the exploration of sexuality, and have been presented at festivals such as the Venice Film Festival and those of the Oscar Qualifying circuit. You are developing your first feature film “The origin of the world”.


Vanilla (2016) / Sara (2017) / Denise (2018) / Eva (2021)

Tommaso Santanbrogio

Tommaso Santambrogio

Milan, Italy, 1992

Director, writer, photographer and video artist. He studied at “Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia”, the “Civic School of Cinema Luchino Visconti”, the “Raindance Institute” and “EICTV”. He collaborated with Werner Herzog, under whose supervision he shot Escena Final “(2018) in Peru and was selected in the section of the Venice Film Festival” I LOVE GAI “(2019). He also collaborated with Pupi Avati and Lav Diaz, with whom he collaborated for “Los Océanos Son Los Verdaderos Continentes” presented at the “International Critics’ Week” of the Venice Film Festival in 2019.


La porta di casa (2021) / Los océanos son los verdaderos continentes (2019) / Escena Final (2019) / D’istanti lontani (2017)


Andrea Gatopoulos

Pescara, Italy, 1994

Born in Pescara (Abruzzo, Italy) in 1994. He is the founder of the production company Il Varco, with which he has produced 11 shorts and 2 feature films. He’s the art director of Il Varco – International Short Film Festival, chosen by Filmfreeway among the Top 100 festivals in the world, and he’s also the creator of Short Days and New Abruzzi Cinema. His productions were featured in more than 100 festivals around the world.


Happy New Year, Jim (2022) / Polepole (2021) / Letters to Herzog (2020) / Materia Celeste (2019) / Spettri (2017) / Onyricon (2015) 


Lorenzo Pallotta

Teramo, Italy, 1992

Lorenzo Pallotta, born in 1992, is a young Italian director. In 2012 he enrolled at the SAE Institute in Milan. In the following years he worked for both university-related and independent film productions. He has collaborated in the creation of documentaries, commercials, video clips, short films and web series. He worked as assistant director in the film “Loro” and in the short film “Piccole Avventure Romane”, both directed by Paolo Sorrentino. Since 2016 he has been part of the “Limbo Film” production company. His latest short film “Luis” (2019) was selected at the 35. Brest European Short Film Festival, 9. Figari Film Fest, 26. Visioni Italiane (Cineteca di Bologna). In 2021 his first feature film “Children of the sleeping giant” premiered at Alice nella Città.


Balma (2015) / Inumanamente (2016) / Ossa (2019) / Luis (2019) / Las Hadas (2020) / Children of the sleeping giant (2021)


Sebastian Petri

Sarzana, Italy, 1998

Graduated in Media Design & Multimedia Arts at NABA (Milan) in 2021.

During his university years, he worked as a videomaker and art director, starting with events and shows in the fields of Fashion, Web Series and academic short films. The diploma short film “By the sea” investigates the unresolved impulses and requests for the affection of a generation that is transforming and (de) forming and is currently being distributed. In the present, he is working on the script of the new film project by director Davide Palella with whom he is also collaborating on other projects. Before becoming interested in cinema he was part of a Street Art collective, a world that he wants to tell in a feature film currently being written called “Bare Ass”.


By the Sea (2021)


Fabio Serpa

Paola, Italy, 1991

Fabio Serpa, was born in Paola (CS), on May 17, 1991. After graduating in film directing in 2012 at Cinecittà at the NUCT – International School of Cinema and Television (now Rome Film Academy), in 2016 he shoots “El Duelo Weird!”, a western / sci-fi short film shot in Bereguardo (PV) selected in over 30 national and international festivals. “Cracolice”, his latest work, is a science fiction documentary focused on the disaster of the poison ships in the Tyrrhenian Sea, in Calabria, selected in over 25 festivals around the world. In 2022 he will direct “Preview”, the first short film entirely animated in 2D and produced by Rhapsodia Film, based in Rome.


Cracolice (2020) / El Duelo Weird (2016)


Gabriele Biasi

Italy, 1994

Gabriele Biasi was born in southern Italy in 1994. He works in Naples as a director assistant for some independent theatre companies. He then studies cinema in Rome, at RUFA (Rome University of Fine Arts), graduating with honors. In 2015 he directs the video “To Yearn For” (2015, 10min) for the project “Cammini d’Europa”, produced with the support of EU, screened at Festival dell’Errenza.
In 2016 he moves to Cologne, attending his traineeship at Head-Trip, a VR production company. He is also a member of EDFVR e V.
In 2017 he makes a VR/360 backstage of the short movie “S’è Desta”, produced by Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia and directed by Alain Parroni.
He works as first assistant director for the directors Mino Capuano and Lorenzo Pallotta.
With the script of his documentary The Chrysalises (Le Crisalidi) he takes part in the workshop MACMA – from the idea to the pitch, supported by Doc/it and Documentary in Europe.


Le Crisalidi (2022) 

giulia grandinetti

Giulia Grandinetti

Italy, 1989

She is a multifaceted artist, interested in research and experimentation. In 2008 she moved to Rome and studied acting with M. Margotta, A. Piccardi, M. Abraham, F. Pardeillhan, D. Antonelli, P. Buglioni. In 2012 he studied at the OdinTeatret in Holstebro and did research in the world of Pina Bausch’s dance and physical theater. Graduated in Literature and Philosophy from the University of Roma Tre, with a Masters in Cinema following a degree in Theater. In 2014 she started working on his debut film, “Alice and the land that wonders”. She won the III Edition of Shortlab in Rome with a theatrical project performed with M. Schermi and M. Russo. In 2019 she made the short film ”Guinea Pig”, co-directed with Andrea Benjamin Manenti. In 2020 she made the short film ” Greenwater”, produced by Nikada Film.


Alice and the land that wonders (2021) / Greenwater (2020) / Guinea Pig (2020) 


Andrea Benjamin Manenti

Italy, 1991

He studies directing and digital filmmaking at the Sae Institute in Milan with Mirko Locatelli. After moving to Rome, he was selected at the Experimental Center of Cinematography, where he studied photography with Giuseppe Lanci AIC. He founded Fedra Film with the director Rossella Inglese: together they made the short film “Vanilla”, in official selection at the 73rd Venice Film Festival and “Denise”, awarded at numerous festivals. He works as director of photography in numerous short films selected in more than 100 festivals around the world (St. Louis Int’l Film Festival, Calgary Film Festival, Nastri d’ argento, Globi d’oro, Rome Film Festival). In 2018 he began his collaboration with director Giulia Grandinetti, co-directing the short film “Guinea Pig”, and he started working on the long-term photographic project “Odissea Sentimentale”.


Guinea Pig (2020) 


Stelios Moraitidis

Atene, Grecia

He studied Film Theory in Paris 1 La Sorbonne. In 2014 he finished his first short film, “Thavma – Miracle”, a film essay on life in Athens with which he participated in the 6th film Balkans Beyond Borders Festival. In 2016 he concluded the documentary “Deconstructing Interruption“, which presents the life of the actors in the set of Yorgos Zois, “Interruption”, was screened at the 18th Thessaloniki International Documentary Film Festival. “Dakar” is his first fiction film, completed in 2020 and already awarded a Special Mention at the 43rd International Drama Short Film Festival and screened at the 26th Athens International Film Festival.


Dakar (2020) / Deconstructing Interruption (2016) / Thavma – Miracle (2015)


Emanuele Cantò

Pescara, Italy, 1997

Emanuele Cantò (1997) was born in Pescara and currently studies and works in Milan.
He works mainly with video and photography, investigating the relationship between man and the natural, domestic and cultural environment.
He is currently studying in the two-year specialist course in Visual Arts in Naba, conducting research on the limits of the documentary and on the role of video art in the contemporary cinema system.


Io mi fermo qui (2020) / L’acqua che non piove (2020) / Sold Out (2021) / Sant’Andrea (w.i.p.)

TFPW tondino

Max Marklund & Anders Jacobsson

Stoccolma, Svezia

Max Marklund & Anders Jacobsson are a duo of writers and directors from two different generations. They were both born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden. Max Marklund began his career as a digital effects artist, but his passion for directing and storytelling led him to focus on film. Anders Jacobsson is a cinematographer who didn’t just want to look through the viewfinder, but also wanted to tell his own stories. The motto is: if we can get it back with the camera, we’ll get it back with the camera.



Antonio La Camera

Castrovillari, Italy, 1990

Graduated in Cinema and Visual Arts with a grade of 110 and honors from the Roma Tre University, he attended courses in directing and screenwriting at the “Sentieri Selvaggi” film school. His short films have been screened in over 100 international and national festivals. Antonio is the artistic director of the “Castrovillari Film Festival” and was one of the founders of Gargantua Film Distribution.


Nel ritrovo del silenzio (2018) / Houses (2018) / Prima del dittico (2017) / Il sogno del vecchio (2016) / Carne e Polvere (2015)

Mauro Diez

Mauro Dìez Concari

Barcelona, Spagna, 2000

Mauro Díez was born in Barcelona in 2000 from an Italian mother and a Spanish father. He is currently attending the directing course at the “Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia”. “Molto Lontano” is his first short film.


Molto Lontano (2020)


Fabrizio Condino

Paola, Italy, 1990

He graduated from the “ACT Multimedia” and “Sentieri Selvaggi” film schools and attended the preparatory seminar for the directing course at the “Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia”. He is the author of the short films “La Vita Sospesa” (2017), “Notturno” (2018), “Apnea” (2019), “Il Rito” (2020). His works have been mentioned in the column dedicated to cinema and entertainment on TG1 “DoReCiakGulp”, edited by the critic Vincenzo Mollica.


Il rito (2020) / Apnea (2019) / Notturno (2018) / La vita sospesa (2017)


Antonio Romagnoli

Castrovillari, Italy, 1992

After studying Literature and Philosophy in classical high schools, he graduated in Literature and Performance Sciences at Sapienza University of Rome. From 2013 to 2016 he worked as a film critic with “icinemaniaci”, awarded as the best film critic website in 2014. He works at Il Varco cinema as editorial supervisor and has published works of poetry and fiction with their publishing house. In 2016 he shot “Memories of a traveler”. His first feature film “Polvere” is on the way. In 2019 he made his second short film, “Inutile al mondo”.



Matteo Delai

Gavardo, Italy, 1991

Director, Artistic Director of the Desenzano Film Festival, co-founder of Gargantua Distribution and partner of Fivizzano27. Graduated in Film Art from RUFA and in Communication from the University of Padua. His latest short film “Il Cane” was presented at Alice nella Città, the parallel section of the Rome Film Fest in 2018.


Ballata dei miseri (2021) / Il Cane (2017) / Bongiùr (2017)