Our Vision

GARGANTUA FILM DISTRIBUTION is a distribution and sales agency founded in 2019 by Il Varco and based in Italy, Rome, focused on the promotion of auteur short films that break the boundaries of traditional narrative.


We believe in the kind of cinema that is able to show us the gaze and soul of its author, that can challenge film language and grammar and, at the same time, can remain imprinted in the minds of the public, giving them a layered and deep experience.


The choice of a Moai monolith as our symbol and our motto SHORTS THAT STAY. exactly our desire to give our short films the possibility of leaving their mark in the cinematographic panorama and in the career of the directors who directed them.


We have built our distribution around a boutique selection of very few films, and we try to establish long term partnerships with directors, trying to accompany them in the path to their feature films. We work in a personalized way on each of them, aiming for a close collaboration with our producers and directors, essential for sharing experiences and opinions in order to achieve the goals of our strategies.


In 2022 Gargantua saw a change of artistic direction, with his first artistic director and founder Antonio La Camera leaving the project to devote himself to his personal career and the producer Andrea Gatopoulos taking his place.


In its first four years of activity, Gargantua has accumulated official selections in hundreds of festivals, including most of the the Oscar ®️ and European Film Awards ®️ qualifying festivals, being selected in prestigious international festivals from Cannes to Venice to Locarno to many of the major european events. Our distribution is mainly focused on quality and historical european festivals which can give real opportunities for growth and industry networking to our directors.


If a short film enters the Gargantua family it is because we really believe in its potential and this will be the main reason that will push us in wanting to make it go as far as possible.

Andrea Gatopoulos