Im Bären

(In the bear)


directed by Lilian Sassanelli



An italian girl is looking for a room to stay in Berlin. In the process she will have to undergo a series of casting sessions in which she will lose herself in the big city.

Nuova Zita



directed by Antonio Di Biase



During a day in the middle of the Pescara’s sea, the eye of the Bolex 16mm sways on the Nuova Zita fishing boat, staring at the fragments of an ancestral universe out of time.





directed by Andreas Vakalios



Mila likes to skate. Mila’s father is ill. Mila hasn’t seen her father in five years. “Mila” means “beloved” in Polish. Mila visits her father at the hospital. “Mila” means “speak” in Greek. Mila likes to skate.

Queen Crocodile



directed by Charles Habib-Drouot



Rayna is a Bulgarian prostitute, working in Brussels’ Red Light District. One night, she shares a mystical and sexual moment with an African client, who dies shortly after. That night will haunt her…


Farewell Party




directed by Klil Kovesh



It’s a story about mourning, loneliness, completion, one community, one woman, one bus and one party.



Still Water

(Stovintis Vanduo)



directed by Dagne Gumbreviciute



A young couple arrives to a remote lake. Apparently this place is full of unforgettable memories from the woman’s childhood. While she tries to approach the water that drowned her father, her partner finds himself in actual danger.

Materia Celeste

(Blue Matter)


directed by Andrea Gatopoulos



It’s a sunny summer day. Mickey is sick with the worst disease. He chooses Flo, an old friend, for a trip in his hippie van to forget about everything just for one night.

Nel ritrovo del silenzio

(In the place of silence)


directed by Antonio La Camera


On a warm night, a young man is woken up by the obsessive sounds of the city that slowly penetrates in his room and in his mind. Exasperated, he flees from home beginning a desperate and distressing research of the silence that he has lost.



directed by Fabrizio Condino




The vices and addictions of a young father challenge his life and his relationship with his three-year-old daughter.




directed by Andrea Gatopoulos


A young photographer is preparing the exhibition of his father’s work after his tragic death in a car accident that involved his mother too. As he goes through the pictures, printing and rearranging them, he will learn some secrets about his family and father.




directed by Antonio La Camera 



A girl decides to face her father, determined to put an end to the abuses that she is forced to suffer from him.

Il Cane

(The dog)


directed by Matteo Delai


Leo e Bianca are a couple. They want to build their future together and they’re starting from a dog to test their familiy skills. But something in Leo changes. He’s more and more absent and distant. Without any apparent reason.




directed by Fabrizio Condino




A fisherman goes fishing into the night. He will make a one-of -a kind encounter. 

Memorie di un viaggiatore

(Memories of a traveller)


directed by Antonio Romagnoli



A man spends his life hitch-hiking. He drops anywhere, but never in the city. One day he meets a girl. She’s also wandering around in a car.